What We Do

What We Do

Why Sweet Livity™?

All of us want to be good at what we do, especially when our work is to serve the community. And to do that good work without sacrificing our level of wellness.

But these are tough social, political and economic times. People and organizations that serve the community lack enough energy, time and resources to get everything done. They are tired and stressed, and, ultimately, less effective. Many solutions focus only on the individual or the organization, without recognizing how they are connected.

Sweet Livity™ focuses on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of leaders and organizations that serve the community, especially under-served and vulnerable populations, their families and community care providers. Integrating holistic wellness practices and coaching into leadership development, organizational development and community development programs and initiatives.

Sweet Livity is about a different kind of climate change — helping people transform the spaces where they live, work and play into healthy, life affirming environments.  Through our strategic coaching and wellness programs, leaders and organizations create better results with improved well-being, happiness and sustainability.

In a world with Sweet Livity™, people live in harmony with self, community and nature as they serve the communities they live in.

Sweet Livity™ offers wellness programs tailored to people’s needs and for delivery at their work sites or in their community.

After pre-assessment, a wellness program is co-designed to address issues related to health, productivity and sustainability, reflecting a client’s values, culture, and experiences. Together, we create a safe space so the client can reflect, identify issues, develop and implement actions that result in change, and monitor progress. Clients gain culturally appropriate knowledge, tools, structures and processes to create healthier personal and work environments.

With improved well-being and happiness from shifting work and daily living habits, clients achieve more effective results as they serve their communities. This in turn improves the client’s satisfaction with the results of their work, further improving well-being and happiness while also increasing retention and motivation to sustain their community work.

Sweet Livity™ offers two primary services:


Sweet Livity™ represents an alternative to traditional approaches to personal and organizational well-being with its focus on healing and sustainability from the “inside out”, using multicultural approaches to health and wellness that work in today’s world.  Sweet Livity™ combines promising and evidence-informed practices from public health, culturally-based capacity building and the work site wellness industry to help leaders plan, implement and evaluate wellness programs which fit with the culture and strategy of the organization or community initiative.


Sweet Livity™ provides a unique combination of holistic, customized wellness and capacity building services provided in a convenient, accessible way for individuals and organizations to achieve the following results:

  1. Improve effectiveness and sustainability to serve the community;
  2. Reduce work-related stress, promote work-life balance and experience increased well-being;
  3. Heal from past traumas and stress to regain and continually relate in harmony and health with self, community and the environments in which you live, work and play; and,
  4. Optimize capacity to draw strength and energy from life’s joys and sorrows with a sense of balance, aliveness and well-being.

Sweet Livity™ Work Life and Organizational Wellness Programs

Sweet Livity™ uses a culturally-based approach to capacity building to strengthen the capacity of an organization, system or community to define and achieve its goals. We support leaders and organizations to explore and integrate diverse organizational effectiveness and wellness practices to strengthen both the internal operations and programming. We promote an approach to work which focuses on extracting more quality or “Livity” out of day to day routines. The goal is to support clients to promote and sustain work environments which are creative, engaging, life affirming and fun. The overall result is improved organizational effectiveness and leadership with optimal well-being.

  • Self-care – Services support clients to: a) recover from and better manage stress; b) work in healthier, more productive ways; and, c) improve mental, emotional, spiritual, economic and cultural well-being.
  • Community care – Services support: a) workers to cooperate and resolve conflicts across teams, partnerships and intersecting identities of race, class, immigration, gender, sexuality, etc.; and b) work sites to address and eliminate “on the job” discrimination, one of the leading sources of stress for Americans (American Psychological Association 2015).
  • Business care – Services support business (nonprofit and for profit) leaders to have greater impact in the communities in which their businesses operate by: a) reimagining and restructuring their business models to be more sustainable for workers and to generate greater profits and impact; and, b) cooperating across their businesses for greater collective impact including advocating to influence policy and generate more equitable economic development in vulnerable communities.

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Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching and Retreats

Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats are customized programs based on an individual’s or organization’s needs and can focus on one or more of the following aspects of regenerating a healthy way of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, social and ecological. Services comprise a life style management, behavior change and “happiness education” approach connecting personal well-being to healing of one’s work and community environments. Many retreats focus on healing relationships or healing from trauma and stress.

Our Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats services can be offered in a person’s home, at their work place or at a designated location in their community. Wellness Retreats can also be offered in special tourist or travel destinations around the world. We can design a unique experience for you based on your budget and desired goals.

In groups or 1:1, clients learn to create/sustain environments which are creative, engaging, life affirming and fun and support them to integrate health and wellness practices into their daily personal and work lives.

Menu of Services:

  1. Wellness Coaching: Offering individual and group coaching and leadership  wellness services, e.g., wellness prevention education and coaching, bodywork, spiritual healing, chakra eating and dance, cooking classes, nutritional counseling, various meditation and mindfulness techniques, tension release exercises, clarity statements, play therapy, sound toning, visioning, gratitude practices, healing rituals, and forgiveness of self and others to reduce stress, move through trauma, increase energy and inspire renewed imagination and creativity.  .
  2. Wellness Retreats: Providing customized retreats for individuals, families, organizations and informal groups. Week-end/long sessions focusing on two or more health dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, social and environmental in a safe peer learning environment. Participants explore and practice diverse wellness traditions and practices designed to support radiant health, optimal well-being and leadership effectiveness and sustainability. Find out more…
  3. Post-Retreat Wellness Coaching and Support: Offering exclusive post-retreat support, e.g., coaching and affirmation calls, peer groups and referrals with direction, for retreat participants to sustain progress in integrating health and wellness practices into daily living routines and into one’s leadership at home, work and in community.

Inquire about discounts and customized programs for private groups, group classes, referrals, advanced bookings and special life events.

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