Work Life and Organizational Wellness Programs

Sweet Livity™ uses a culturally-based approach to organizational wellness, with an aim to strengthen the capacity of an organization or system to define and achieve its goals. Sweet Livity’s work with clients promotes an approach which focuses on extracting more productivity, effectiveness and wellness out of the day to day routines. The goal is to support clients to promote and sustain work environments where workers experience equity, excellence, purpose, aliveness and fun.  The overall result is improved organizational effectiveness and leadership with optimal well-being. Within the three categories of self-care, community care and business care, Sweet Livity™ offers the following menu of services.  Our team customizes and combines these services based on the specific needs and goals of each client.

Menu of Services:

  1. Organizational Development and Leadership Development: Customized research, trainings and change processes to help leaders learn and practice personal transformation techniques which are then applied to strengthen organizational infrastructure, organizational performance and partnerships/ collaborations.
  2. Curriculum Development on Various Subjects: Facilitation; train-the trainer programs; nonprofit capacity building; leadership and professional development; popular education; planning and implementing place-based community change initiatives; evaluation for learning; peer exchange; cultural competency; renewal and wellness programs for individuals and organizations; racial healing and equity; cross cultural community building; advocacy for systems change; culturally-based communications; team building; conflict resolution; collaboration and partnership development; and, microenterprise development.
  3. Employee/Group Wellness Programs: Customized and blended on-site, mobile and virtual wellness programs to help employees/groups improve well-being in the work place.The team leader for these programs is certified by the National Wellness Institute as a Work Site Wellness Program Manager, with the ability to help clients plan, design and evaluate work site wellness programs for greater effectiveness.
  4. Team and Community Building: Supporting groups to work in healthy ways which build trust, collaboration and effectiveness for more powerful results in a shorter amount of time. Sample training topics include Effective Communication, Participatory Governance and Minimizing Power Dynamics in Group Work.
  5. Strategic Planning and Decision-Making: Integrating planning with wellness tools to stimulate strategic thinking, problem-solving and resource leveraging which is inspired, imaginative and leads to innovations that work effectively in different cultural contexts.
  6. Business Model Redesign to Maximize Wellness, Productivity and Results: Combining internal and external bench-marking as part of an assessment process to help clients determine how best to re-engineer an existing program or initiative to align with organizational culture and strategy.
  7. Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving: Offering assistance with one-on-one and group coaching to resolve real-time conflicts, repair relationships and build trusting, collaborative, diverse and healthy partnerships.
  8. Whole Systems Coaching: Providing coaching for teams, organizations and community initiatives with the focus being to support clients to sustain healthy practices and effectiveness over the long haul.
  9. Participatory Community Engagement: Supporting development of community-based and social networks to promote relationship building and partnerships among and across diverse constituencies.
  10. Resource Referrals within our network: Serving as a hub for clients to access local and regional resources to sustain their ongoing growth towards optimal effectiveness and sustainability.

“How can I access Sweet Livity™ Work Life and Organizational Wellness Programs?”

Sweet Livity™ has been offering its capacity building services since the fall of 2011 — bringing them directly into organizations and communities across the country.

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