An Invitation: Move through the darkness into 2017 with greater vision and power…

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. The longest night in what has felt like a very long and sometimes paralyzing year for those of us serving the most vulnerable communities. It’s been a year to reflect deeply on our values and discern the best way to move through this season into the coming year.

Although temptation exists to figure out “what to do”, the Winter Solstice is a signal from nature to pause, turn off the lights and be still in the darkness. To look up in the sky and sit with the darkness in the universe and in our hearts. The same darkness reminiscent of the womb in which our lives begins. It is a time to seed in the darkness a vision for moving forward in our lives and in our work with a new way of “being.” A focus on the qualities of “being” we want to bring into our lives and in our work cultivates Power Within so that we can build authentic collective Power With Others.

Winter Solstice 2

Sweet Livity invites you to honor the Winter Solstice. To spend time during these long cold nights and short cold days to pause, reflect, nourish yourselves and sit with the darkness. Through meditation, yoga, prayer, dance, time in nature, listening to healing music, rituals and more, allow the darkness to birth within your deepest inner being your light…your vision…to ignite you to transition into 2017 with authentic power and presence.