Multicultural Global Team

A minority and women-owned business, Sweet Livity™ is a social enterprise and B-Lab certified benefit organization based in Miami, Florida and the San Francisco Bay Area.  A diverse team of capacity building practitioners, coaches, healers, and community leaders from across the country provides the wellness services.  The team collectively brings over 500 years of collective experience assisting more than 200 organizations and 520 leaders in 45 states, including California, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Missouri, Montana, Washington, DC, Oregon, Massachusetts, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana (including New Orleans).

Sweet Livity’s approach to social justice bridges knowledge and best practices of team members’ work in movement building, public health, organizational development and holistic health fields. Team members also serve in diverse communities as educators, community organizers, artists, healers, program developers, researchers, digital tech innovators, consultants and social entrepreneurs. The team brings significant experience working together to develop and manage large, complex leadership development and programs with multiple moving parts, within community change and place-based initiatives across the country.

The team leverages “learning by doing” wisdom providing culturally-based, accessible and high quality capacity building to improve quality of life and outcomes for diverse communities and constituencies including immigrants, labor activists, service providers, farmers, philanthropic institutions, scientists, poor and low income, people of color and children and adults with special needs. We strive daily to integrate the following values into the business model, operations and services: inspiration, health, happiness, diversity, results, equity, appreciation, mutual discovery and well-being, cooperative prosperity, doing what makes you “come alive” and building and benefiting community.

Diana Marie LeeDiana Marie Lee
Founder and Principal
Diana is responsible for business development and day-to-day management. Read More…
Samuel GonzalezSamuel González
Principal and Consultant
Samuel brings his energy and experience to further the Sweet Livity vision. Read More…

A talented team of affiliate partners is assisting the management team to build the Sweet Livity™ brand, including our unique program and mobile customer service model: Arnell Hinkle, Wilson Riles, Bill Say, Pat St. Onge, Goro Mitchell and Belinda Lyons-Newman.  Another collective group of consultant advisers supports efforts with outreach, marketing, evaluation/research, funding, partnership development and business development: Doniphan Blair of A-Media, Meg Coughlin, Wendy Constantine, Sandra Davidson, Ajax Greene, Carlos Hailey, Debayani Kar, Erin Kodama, Christen Lee, Joy Lui, Glenda Oneal, Carmen Velasquez, Veronica Van Gogh and Curtiss L. Witt.

Sweet Livity™ is always seeking to deepen our impact and work with people and organizations who share our values and our passion.  We are seeking dynamic individuals with a commitment to personal, organizational and community effectiveness and well-being with a focus on culture, diversity, equity and joy. Our vision is to develop a global network of people and communities exploring and integrating diverse wellness practices into our personal and work lives.

If you are interested in learning more or joining our team, please contact us at:

Diana Marie Lee
Principal and Founder
P 510.227.4538 (cell)