Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats

Each Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching or Wellness Retreat program is customized based on an individual’s or organization’s needs and can focus on one or more of the following aspects of rebuilding and regenerating a healthy way of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, social and ecological.

Our Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats services can be offered in a person’s home, at their work place or at a designated location in their community. Wellness Retreats can also be offered in special tourist or travel destinations around the world.  We can design a unique experience for you based on your budget and desired goals.

Physical Health and Wellness

This aspect of the retreat program or organizational wellness program offers amenities and services designed to promote physical healing and wellness including:

  • Health education
  • Behavior change programs
  • Delicious and nutritious menus meeting special dietary needs
  • Cooking classes
  • Holistic bodywork healing therapies which may include (based on individual client needs and interests):
    • Chiropractic
    • Acupuncture
    • Acupressure
    • Massage
    • Reiki
    • Ear Candling
    • Yoga classes
    • Stretch and Strength classes
    • Gentle Aerobics classes
    • Dance classes
    • Nutrition and Cooking classes
    • Martial Arts
    • Swimming

Economic Health and Wellness Program

This aspect of the retreat program or organizational wellness program offers an array of learning opportunities designed to promote economic healing and wellness including:

  • Healing approaches for developing an “abundance mindset”
  • Practical strategies to generate, save and invest money based on an abundance mindset
  • Visits to a local social enterprise

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Ecological Wellness Program

This aspect of the retreat program or organizational wellness program offers an array of amenities and services designed to promote mental, emotional and spiritual wellness including:

  • Holistic mental, emotional, spiritual and ecological healing therapies, which may include (based on individual client needs and interests):
    • Health Education
    • Happiness Education
    • Play Therapy
    • Sound healing (e.g., toning, music)
    • Dreaming and Visioning
    • Spiritual Baths
    • Aromatherapy
    • Meditation Classes
    • Emotional Detoxification Classes
    • Gardening Classes
    • Garden and Nature Walks
    • Indoor and Outdoor Meditation Spaces
    • Reading/Listening room with books and music
    • Life Coaching
    • Indoor Games
    • Writing as Therapy
    • Embodied Awareness
    • Theatre of the Oppressed
    • Mandala Art
    • Holotropic BreathworkTM
    • Shamanic Journey
    • Tension-Release Exercises/Somatic Work
  • Connecting with Nature Activities:
    • Access to the ocean/beach or forest/mountains (depending on locale)
    • Gardening
    • Access to outdoor activities
      • Biking
      • Nature Hikes and Discovery Tours
      • River Tours
      • Garden and Organic Farm Tours
      • Horseback Riding
      • Sports (volleyball, soccer/football)
      • Beach and water sports
      • Kayaks and Canoes
      • Floating Cabanas
  • Connecting with Community Activities offered by local artists and residents for clients to interact in a fun, social environment.
    • Arts and Crafts services
      • Beading
      • Ceramics
      • Textile Weaving
      • Woodwork
      • Painting
      • Sculpture
      • Mask-making
      • Drum-making
    • Music services
      • Sound-proof music room for people to play instruments brought from home
      • Drumming Classes
      • Singing Classes
    • Access to local non-denominational spiritual service held which is led by a diverse group of local faith leaders
    • Weekly talent show
    • Opening reception and closing ceremony events
    • Field trips to various local communities (e.g., villages and towns) to explore aspects of the local culture of interest to participants
      • Touring a school, local social enterprise or a farmer’s market.

“What benefits can I expect from Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreat programs?”

Sweet Livity™ uses an approach that focuses on extracting more quality or “Livity” from daily life and work. The aim is to support individuals and groups to promote and sustain healthy living and work environments which are creative, engaging, life affirming and fun.  Clients benefit from a Sweet Livity™ encounter by experiencing an increased sense of aliveness, vitality and inspiration. With tools to sustain optimal well-being, people who engage with Sweet Livity™ will experience improved health and happiness and produce more powerful results in the world.

“How can I access Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats?”

Sweet Livity™ has been taking its Wellness Retreats and Coaching on the road since the fall of 2011 — bringing them directly to where you live, work and play!

Sweet Livity™ offers its Wellness Coaching both in-person and virtually, allowing clients to be served in easily accessible ways.The Sweet Livity™ mobile delivery system offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to benefit from a Wellness Retreat without having to travel to a far-off location; you can create wellness wherever you are.

Imagine…no matter where your work or daily life takes you, you can have accessible wellness retreats and coaching available to you whenever and however you most need it. You can experience healing within the comfort of your home, organization and local community.  Get ready to restore body, mind, heart and soul in a cultural oasis of rest, renewal and restoration.

An individual or group may also request Sweet Livity™ to arrange a Wellness Coaching or Wellness Retreat program at a beautiful destination away from home and usual routine.

To learn more about Sweet Livity™ Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats, Contact Us.

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