Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Sweet Livity™ is a multicultural global company dedicated to sustaining the health and wellness of individuals, organizations and communities everywhere.

We design our strategic coaching and wellness programs to help individuals and groups have more powerful impact in the world.  By more powerful impact we mean getting the results you want in a shorter amount of time.

To sustain the well-being and impact of people doing good work in the world, we help individual and organizational clients explore and integrate diverse health and wellness practices into their work and daily life.  By learning to extract more “Livity” out of their work and daily life, clients learn to promote and sustain living and work environments which are creative, engaging, life affirming and fun.

The impact is the capacity to achieve better results with improved health and happiness.  Sweet Livity™ represents an alternative to traditional approaches to personal and organizational well-being with its focus on healing and sustainability from the “inside out”, using multicultural approaches to health and wellness that work in today’s busy world.

Examples of clients who can most benefit from Sweet Livity’s™ unique combination of holistic, customized coaching and wellness services include:

  • People seeking to feel more “alive” in their work and daily lives
  • People and organizations interested in reducing work-related stress, promote work-life balance and increased well-being
  • People seeking to optimize health and a quality lifestyle
  • People and organizations who want convenient, accessible ways to use holistic health as an alternative/complement to traditional medical  care
  • Community leaders and organizations interested in strategic and impactful approaches to their work
  • Organizations and communities seeking to heal relationships and build stronger alliances
  • People seeking to experience renewal of mind, body and soul
  • Corporations, government agencies and community organizations interested in effective employee wellness programs
  • People seeking a fun and dynamic way to celebrate milestones (e.g., reunions, graduations, weddings, birthdays, promotions, retirement and successful completion of a project)
  • People whose business is supporting the well-being of others (e.g., parents, caretakers, teachers, health professionals, consultants, coaches)
  • Coalitions and Networks interested in movement building for the long haul
  • Professionals and volunteers from various sectors (e.g., social justice, academia, government, business, education, faith-based and health)
  • Youth, adults and seniors of any age ready to follow their dreams with a sense of aliveness, inspiration and imagination