Stress Relief needed: Sweet Livity responds

Stress Relief needed: Sweet Livity responds

Dear Friends,

Sweet Livity is gearing up to respond to a call for stress relief in today’s times.

As part of re-imagining the company in today’s current social, cultural and political environment, Sweet Livity took a huge leap outside its comfort zone.

For 8 weeks, our founder and CEO Diana attended a digital UX/UI Bootcamp in Miami, FL at Ironhack. Learning new ways to solve problems with a focus on the experience people have when they receive services or use products.  The aim: deepen our commitment to help people and businesses serve their communities with equity, excellence, purpose, aliveness and fun.

Towards this vision, Sweet Livity recently conducted research to better understand the level of stress people are experiencing, the sources of that stress, how they are managing with their stress, and what solutions Sweet Livity may offer to help people manage their stress.

PROBLEM: The majority of people feel stressed most or all of the time at work and at home and are NOT effectively relieving their stress. The majority of people do not have health insurance that covers holistic wellness services.

SOLUTION: We Wellness — Mobile holistic wellness services to support users to receive and practice stress relief in community. A companion digital app that allows them to continue to practice anytime, anywhere.

We will share regular updates here every week.  So, stay tuned!

The initial research was conducted with people in a few test locations in the South. Sweet Livity is now expanding that research across the South, nationally and to Puerto Rico. All responses are anonymous and confidential.

If you would like to participate, feel welcome to take the survey in either English or Spanish. And we invite you to share this message and call to action with your networks.



In support of good solutions powered by good data,

Diana and the Sweet Livity Team

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