Sweet Livity Guest Blogger for Standing in our Power

Sweet Livity Guest Blogger for Standing in our Power

Dear Friends:

Sweet Livity Principal and Founder Diana Marie Lee was recently asked to be a guest blogger for Standing in Our Power, an intergenerational network of women of color leaders who are committed to a just, equitable and sustainable world. This powerful group of women is seeking to transform their leadership by building new leadership paradigms and amplifying the voices and perspectives of Women of Color.

From the perspective of Sweet Livity, our communities need ways to deal with the stress and trauma that comes from the emotional burden of working with people every day who are living in oppressive situations. Both individuals and organizations need healing, which is the process of rebuilding and regenerating a healthy way of living, by strengthening physiological, mental, social, emotional, cultural, economic, ecological and spiritual well-being.  Diana is bringing this view point to her current work with the Standing in Our Power network, in her leadership role as a coach and a participant.

We invite you to read Diana’s blog at http://spiritinaction.net/2013/07/16/sweet-livity-by-diana-marie-lee/.  This is Diana’ first effort at blogging so we welcome your feedback and encouragement, especially as the Sweet Livity team ventures into blogging more to share our perspectives and experiences emerging from our healing work.


The Sweet Livity Team


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