Sweet Livity: Power from Within towards Power with Others

Sweet Livity: Power from Within towards Power with Others

A few weeks ago, we shared that one of Sweet Livity’s values is Mutual Discovery and Well-being. The concept that we all magnify the power of our work when we give and receive support in mutual reciprocity.

Coming from an asset-based approach rather than a deficit or a needs assessment approach, Sweet Livity looks for mutual opportunities for people doing good work in the world to feel good about themselves. To understand and appreciate the many assets we have, and draw on these assets to problem-solve together. Our approach is built on the principles of health realization to affirm that each of us is born with “innate health and resilience” that can never be taken from us. With support and training, we can learn together how to allow our innate resilience to emerge, connect with our common sense and intuition, and tap into the universal capacity for creative problem-solving or “inner wisdom.”

The end result of practicing these principles and practices is an expansive sense of emotional freedom and well-being. We have better relationships with one another because we are collaborating from a position of “I’m strong in these ways and you’re strong in these ways, and we can connect on that level” versus “I’m needy in this way and you have this, and so I need you” or vice versa.

As Sweet Livity explores opportunities for collaboration this year, we seek folks who want to live, love, learn and do good work which leaves a legacy of wellness for generations to come. Are you ready to expand your boundaries and share your medicine with us and with others?

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