Who We Are


Sweet Livity™ LLC delivers wellness services to support individuals and organizations (for profit and nonprofit) serving vulnerable communities to do their jobs to the fullest, with improved well-being, sustainability and results.

Through our strategic coaching and wellness programs, we help the people and organizations we work with to transform spaces where they live and work into healthy, happy and productive environments. As a result, individuals and organizations create better results with improved well-being and happiness.

A certified B Corp since 2012, Sweet Livity™ LLC is proud to be a member of an esteemed group of over 2,000 Certified B Corporations across the globe that harness the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.


Our long haul vision is of a connected world where everyone lives in harmony with self, community and nature.

Our Story

Sweet Livity™ emerged from founder Diana Marie Lee’s personal experience with stress and burnout after 20 years working for social change in unhealthy environments. In 2009, Lee embarked on a personal journey to reclaim the “sweetness” in her life.  Like Diana, many of us are looking for renewal and healing in our work and daily life.

The Sweet Livity™ Concept

The Sweet Livity™ Concept grew out of the founder’s appreciation for the Rastafarian concept of “Livity” and her innate appreciation and joy for the sweetness of life. In this context, Livity means aliveness, vitality and inspiration. It is about living in harmony with self, community and nature in ways which supports one’s own personal healing and contributes to the healing of the spaces in which one lives, works and plays.

It is about finding and committing to one’s own journey to spiritual fulfillment and eternal love…the kind of love that can heal people of all ages, families, groups, and communities. It is about getting back to a simpler way of working and living. It is about intentional and loving integration of health and wellness practices into work and daily living so that one’s air, food, water, land, creativity and relationships become the medicine that supports a healthy mind, body, spirit and community.

Definition of Wellness

Beyond absence of illness and/or disease, wellness emphasizes the whole person with activities that support us to do, feel think and behave in ways that support optimal mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social functioning. You can have an illness like diabetes and be living and working well with diabetes. Sweet Livity™’s holistic approach to wellness considers how a person interacts with their environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, heart and spirit.

For Sweet Livity™, wellness involves healing. On one level, healing is the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair, as well as the mental, social, emotional, cultural, economic, ecological and spiritual process of dealing with the processes and challenges in life.

Beyond this definition, healing is about healing relationships with Self, Community and Nature. It is about recognizing and tapping the power of loving wellness practices to heal and sustain a diverse, connected and healthier world.

In a world with “Sweet Livity” people live in harmony with self, community and nature as they serve the communities they live in.