Based on years of community development practice in diverse urban and rural communities, the business model, operations and services are rooted in the following deeply-held values.

The Power of DREAM

Sweet Livity™ was inspired by the Founder’s childhood dreams at age 12 or 13 years and then a remembrance of these dreams in her 40’s of building a healing place. At the heart of Sweet Livity™ services and operations is a commitment to these DREAM-inspired Five Core Values for a different way of working and living in our world — Diversity, Results, Equity, Appreciation, and Mutual well-being:

The Sweet Livity™ brand is built on the deeply held belief that the world is a better place when there is acknowledgment, celebration and exchange of diverse perspectives, cultures, systems and people. Sweet Livity™ benefits from the diversity of its partners, clients, advisors, investors, supporters and over time, member-owners, which ensures that this diversity is honored and incorporated into the business model, operations and services.
The Sweet Livity™ brand is built on our expectation to excel in providing high quality and values-driven services which are timely, customized, accessible and effective. Sweet Livity™ uses a well-tested approach based on years of practice that fosters collective work and responsibility and complementary learning. This approach leads to open and honest sharing about what works and does not work. The company actively solicits and analyzes the open and honest feedback from Sweet Livity™ stakeholders to apply what we learn and grow.
The Sweet Livity™ brand is built on ensuring each of its diverse stakeholders has their needs met with courtesy, respect, grace, timeliness, honor and fairness. Sweet Livity™ builds bridges and leverages resources in innovative ways to serve the needs of stakeholders– across diverse cultural, historical, social, political, class, identity and ethical perspectives. Through its business model, operations and services, Sweet Livity™ fosters opportunities for individuals and groups to find and follow their own path to radiant health and well-being without sacrificing cultural/group identity and values.
The Sweet Livity™ brand is built on a commitment to tangibly express gratitude for the collective resources of wisdom, money, time and talent generously contributed by people and organizations across the globe in support of our vision and work.
Mutual Discovery and Well-being
The Sweet Livity™ Brand is built on deeply honored traditions of mutual reciprocity and support which enable one’s individual goals to be successfully met through trusting, creative, soulful and innovative collaborations. Through the development of authentic and interactive relationships with all of our stakeholders, Sweet Livity™ builds community intentionally through serving as a portal for dynamic and soulful exchange of ideas, skills, talents, gifts and materials resources.

Sweet Livity’s approach is also guided by the following principles influenced by the founder’s own healing journey and exploration of what it means to be a triple bottom line business.

Guiding Principles

Do What Makes You “Come Alive”: Sweet Livity™ fosters through its operations and services a different way of working and being suggested by Howard Thurman, one of the founder’s inspirational role models:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

~ Howard Thurman

Supporting people and communities to “come alive” in service to others is a core focus of Sweet Livity™ services. Clients leave a Sweet Livity™ encounter inspired, motivated and prepared to take risks, make adjustments, surmount obstacles and pursue new opportunities to do what makes them come alive.

Cooperative Prosperity: Sweet Livity™ intentionally cultivates partnerships to support cooperation across our ventures for greater collective impact.  This includes advocating to influence policy and generate more equitable economic development in vulnerable, underserved communities.  In our own operations and with our partners, we seek to constantly re-imagine and restructure our business models to be more sustainable for workers and to generate grater profits and impact.

(The following additional values are modeled and adapted from socially responsible business practices encouraged by the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE):

Think Local First: Sweet Livity™ makes every effort to support the local economies in which it operates by engaging local business owners, healers, teachers, artists and community developers/organizers in business operations and delivery of services. For example, the food to support the bountiful menus offered through the Wellness Retreats program is grown by local organic farmers or when necessary imported from international growers that follow local sustainable farming practices.

Revenues from the business provide a living wage for Sweet Livity™ workers. Over time, as revenue earnings increase, Sweet Livity™ can contribute and leverage resources to support local community development projects with input from workers and a local community advisory group. Where applicable, each aspect of Sweet Livity™ operations is guided by environmental practices such as recycling and conservation.

Increase Self-Reliance: “People support what they create.” ~ Margaret Wheatley.

Sweet Livity™ works in partnership with the local communities in which it operates to build community buy-in and collaboration with its services. By building on these strategic alliances, Sweet Livity™ fosters local residents and other community leaders to share of their wisdom, time, talent and money to support its services.

Over the long haul, company contributions to local community development projects will increase local capacity to meet community needs, e.g., food, water, energy, roads, social and community services.

In both instances, self-reliance builds on and increases local resilience and over time can support a healthier local economy and environment, contributing to improved overall health and well-being of individuals, families, other groups and communities.

Build Community: Sweet Livity™ builds community through every aspect of its operations and services, from the strategic local and global alliances, the provision of referral resources through a global health and wellness network and investment opportunities across multiple social networks globally.