Community Care

For this service product, Sweet Livity™ provides a unique combination of holistic, customized wellness and capacity building services to support:

a) workers and leaders to cooperate and resolve conflicts across teams, partnerships and intersecting identities of race, class, immigration, gender, sexuality, etc., and

b) work sites to address and eliminate “on the job” discrimination, one of the leading sources of stress for Americans (American Psychological Association 2015).

Why a focus on Community Care?

Supporting self-care is not enough. Studying the connection between people’s stress and the culture of their workplaces, Sweet Livity™ began offering services to support workers and leaders to gain awareness about and address the ways they unconsciously contribute to inequitable workplace practices which trigger stress and trauma for workers who already experience multiple internal and external oppressions based on cultural differences of language, age, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality, citizenship status and geographic boundaries.

From our research and work, Sweet Livity™ sees the possibility of shifting the culture within organizations of all types to become more inclusive, democratic and healthy. An important area of focus is helping workers and leaders focus on relationships, which influences effectiveness and well-being at the personal, organizational and collective (e.g., movement) levels. Cooperative, clear, and caring relationships are a powerful antidote to the stress and dysfunction that occurs when the organizational culture and relationships become muddled or “toxic.”

Sweet Livity™ works with clients to shift how they work so that everyone’s authentic voice is heard, understood and affirmed. Our work with clients focuses on extracting more productivity, effectiveness and wellness out of the day to day work routines. The overall result is improved organizational effectiveness and leadership with optimal well-being.

Services range from team building, systems coaching and conflict resolution to leadership, organizational and collaboration development.


Community care services support clients to learn and apply culturally-based approaches and tools for community/group effectiveness and well-being towards the following results:

  • Clients promote and sustain work environments where workers experience equity, excellence, purpose, aliveness and fun.
  • Client staff, board, members and other stakeholders cultivate practices and deeper connections, building collective power and impact without sacrificing the happiness and well-being of any individual.
  • Client organizations improve their effectiveness and leadership with optimal well-being. Sample indicators include:
    • strategic thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and resource leveraging;
    • reduction of stressors related to workload, pace, roles and power dynamics;
    • ability to solve conflicts and work across differences;
    • better communication, trust, conflict resolution and collaboration; and,
    • improved worker productivity, health and happiness.