Coop Discovery Team

As part of our company's commitment to equity and justice, Sweet Livity began a journey back in 2017 to shift from being independently owned to being collectively owned by the people we worked with over the years. A group of 13 amazing individuals have been on a journey of discovery into what it means to become a social justice coop. We are the "Coop Discoverers", a multicultural, multidisciplinary coop of racial equity and organizational development practitioners, mental health workers, artists & entrepreneurs across the country who all represent the diverse marginalized communities we serve. Investing in the team has enabled Sweet Livity to directly serve 42+ organizations; 1,280 individuals; impacted 26 regional/ statewide/national initiatives, 56 low-income and working class neighborhoods/ communities, over 140,000 low-income, disadvantaged people of color served by the groups and leaders we support.