Declaration of Workers’ Rights



Our company and personal values align deeply with the core principle of dignity in the workplace. Historically — across all of our work in rural and urban communities across the country — the value of workers’ rights has been a long-standing standard that we at Sweet Livity continue to hold and promote.

Workers’ Rights is not only a value we hold deeply; it is core to our philosophy and approach in the culture shift work that we do. Sweet Livity often works with groups where workers are challenged with the question of whether or not to unionize as a way to shift the culture to benefit all workers. It is fundamental in our relationship with current and potential clients, stakeholders, and collaborators to clarify and affirm that Sweet Livity is not a union-busting firm.

A set of core beliefs guides our work in ensuring that culture shift work and workers’ rights go hand in hand.


  • Organizations are spaces where everyone, regardless of their background and intersecting identities, can prosper.
  • Workers have the right at work to:
    • Breathe
    • Be healthy and safe
    • Be paid equitably
    • Be recognized and celebrated
    • Be seen, heard and felt
    • Receive positive reinforcement
    • Work with dignity
    • Fulfill their potential
  • Good places to work:
    • Support all workers to thrive
    • Support all workers to lead
    • Treat all workers with fairness and respect
    • Provide sustainable livelihood and development opportunities for all workers
    • Take action to move away from punitivity and towards transformative ways/practices
  • Workers’ rights affect not just the individual worker but their families and communities as well.
  • Those in leadership must be held to a higher standard to develop and implement workplace standards to include physical, mental, emotional and socially safe and healthy work conditions for all workers.
  • Safe and healthy work conditions contribute to sustainable communities and quality of life.

These principles of how we approach our work continue to evolve as we do our good work.