lea robinson

I am lea robinson. I am an experienced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Social Justice and Restorative Practices educator. I provide communities, organizations and individuals with the necessary tools, knowledge, support and encouragement for interrupting bias and discrimination. 

lea robinson, M.Ed is a diversity educator specializing in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Restorative Practices, Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution, Civic Engagement, and Team Dynamics. Working to empower communities, companies, teams, and individuals to create environments that foster learning, innovation, and personal growth, lea has worked in several settings ranging from college and university campuses to smaller start-up organizations. Their experience includes large and small group training (both online and in-person), individual and group coaching, and support in the creation of a more inclusive policy and procedure. For the past 15 years, robinson has demonstrated strong leadership, vision, and success in bringing dialogue and growth to communities with diverse needs.