Yunuen Rhi

Yunuen Rhi

I am Yunuen Rhi M.A., founder of Isuini Martial Healing Arts and Dandelion Medicine Liberation Coop. I inspire communities to expand their potential through self-healing and accountability. I offer embodied restorative justice, which combines my work as a restorative justice circle keeper and my long-term practices in martial arts roots, ceremony, cultural anthropology, and performance art. 

Yunuen Rhi M.A., founder of Isuini Martial Healing arts, are a wellness coach and DEI consultant. They combine in their offers embodied restorative justice circle-keeping through their Chinese Internal Martial Arts practice, ceremonial foundations with anthropological standpoints and performance art research.

Their roots are in Mexico, the United States, and Korea. As a result they have cultivated Western, Eastern, and Native medicine pathways as an antidote against fragmentation and to awaken the multiplicities that inhabit the “self.”

They started training Baguazhang internal martial arts and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008 and currently train under their second teacher, Grandmaster Li Baohua (4th generation Magui Bagua lineage) based in Japan. They worked as a Registered Dental Assistant, medical interpreter (Spanish-English-Spanish) and have advanced training in humanistic psychology methods. They are certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and Usui Reiki. Their applied anthropology work from research to serving ceremony provides a direct relation to Native Healing Traditions in both the US and Mexico.

The convergence of these diverse experiences informs the pedagogy of their teachings and the quality of their coaching. Their work is a social practice that offers traditional work settings creative bridges for self-healing, accountability and empowerment.
Please contact Yunuen for online/live training or healing session inquiries.
They are currently working on a manuscript for North Atlantic Books about their Baguazhang practice.