Building Momentum and Perseverance…

Building Momentum and Perseverance…

January 5, 2012

A Buddhist saying goes, “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”  Since beginning our IndieGoGo online campaign (Sweet Livity™ Global Campaign) in late November 2011, the momentum and excitement has been steadily building.

If you look at the dollars raised to date, one might say the campaign is not yet successful.  However, I am mindful of the lessons I learned when working in rural North Carolina and urban Bay Area California a few years ago.

For two years, I had the honor of working with grassroots organizations seeking to transform how people understand, talk about and practice giving.  During the project, giving transformed in definition and practice. My partners and I were reminded that giving occurs within the contexts of culture, history and place.

Thus, the idea of “vernacular philanthropy” was developed to describe place-based beliefs and practices. As we came to understand and talk about it, vernacular philanthropy describes place and culturally grounded giving practices that are everyday practices.  It includes the giving of time and talent, as well as treasure (money).

Since November, generosity of heart and faith has led many individuals and organizations to reach out to Sweet Livity and provide counsel, volunteer hours, pro bono or exchange of services and community care.  Examples include the IndieGoGo team generously giving of their time and talent to get this website going and to develop and post the storytelling videos to share the value of the Sweet Livity approach.  Community members offered meals and housing to reduce operating costs.

As a result of this generosity, Sweet Livity is successfully recruiting a dynamic global team of healers who ill take the Wellness Retreats and Strategic Consultant Advisory Services on the road this year. We look forward to announcing the team at the end of this first round of team building and fundraising near the end of January.

We are learning a lot about the value of transparency and creating an authentic learning environment.  Our team talks honestly about what is working, not working and what changes to make. Through a spirit of sharing and open communication, we are challenging the underlying assumptions held when we began this campaign.

We will apply the lessons we are learning over the remaining 11 days of this campaign and subsequent fundraising efforts.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with you over the long haul as we adapt and keep moving on our path.  Thank you for making our walk a joyful one!

Many blessings,

Diana Marie Lee

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