Sweet Livity Approach to Sustainability

Sweet Livity Approach to Sustainability

Sweet Livity focuses on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of individuals and organizations that serve the community by blending healing practices into organizational development, community development, wellness retreats and leadership coaching programs.  Sweet Livity is about a different kind of climate change — helping people transform the spaces where they live, work and play into healthy, life affirming environments. Sweet Livity is a holistic approach to healing and liberation.

Many people ask….“what do you mean by sustainability”?  Over the last five years, Sweet Livity has been evolving its definition of sustainability from its work with diverse groups and communities.

Sweet Livity’s approach centers around “three pillars of sustainability”:

  1. People (self-care): building people’s capacity to heal from stress and trauma and lead in ways that fosters personal physical, mental, emotional, economic, spiritual, social and cultural liberation.
  2. Planet (community care): building capacity for greater effectiveness in serving and benefiting disadvantaged communities through cooperation across diverse sectors and institutions (business, nonprofit, academic, philanthropic and public); and,
  3. Profit/results (business care): building capacity to operate within a sustainable nonprofit or for profit business model which results in greater investment both in diverse leaders and within the disadvantaged communities in which they live and serve.

Ultimately, our aim is to help people and groups doing good work to do so with greater impact and without sacrificing their health and happiness. Examples of this work include a recent Activist Women of Color Self-Care Retreat in New York in partnership with Standing in our Power (based in NYC) and Access Strategies Fund (Massachusetts) and work with We Count! in Homestead, Florida to test out entrepreneurial ventures which leverage the skills and talents of the members with a goal to generate more income for the organization and member’s households.


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