Jocelyn Corbett

Jocelyn Corbett

“You have done so and more with your work on creating the Inclusion Challenge Peer Exchange, providing feedback on our inclusive economy metric set, and now creating a diversity, equity and inclusion training for our B Local leaders.  The Peer Exchange was a critical project within the B Corp Inclusion Challenge because it created a space for B Corps participating in the Challenge to do some of the tremendously important work “below the green line”, which (I’ve learned from you) is as important – if not more – as the structural work in getting diversity, equity and inclusion work to be institutionalized within a company.

Every Peer Exchange group that began completed the program, and we received very positive feedback on the program in improving participants’ personal growth and understanding of diversity and inclusion; supporting participants’ colleagues’ growth and understanding of diversity and inclusion; and better equipping Challenge participants to meet their business’s inclusion challenge goals. The deep nature of the program was attractive to our funders, and was so successful that we intend to invest greater resources in adapting it for a wider audience and aim to increase participation threefold.  

In addition to positive results, working with you has been one of the most positive working relationships of external consultants I have had to date. You are extremely professional, reliable, and timely in your work. You are generous and gracious – providing discounts and modifying your work to meet our budget.”

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