We invite you to check here often for wellness testimonials from past and current clients.  Examples of clients served by Sweet Livity LLC include:

Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats Testimonials

Molly Freeman, PhD
Educator, Political activist

Client: Group Coaching for Career Exploration

“Over a period of 6 months Diana’s keen listening and leadership skills nurtured in me the confidence to initiate relationships with a number of thought leaders. I recall being surprised at the many steps I had taken as I explored my career and life goals. The impact of the weekly meetings with Diana and then with Samuel was subtle and profound.”

July 2013

Russ Finkelstein
Managing Partner, Clearly Next LLC

Client: Career Coach for Company Group Coaching Program

“When Clearly Next was seeking coaches in the Bay Area to facilitate local groups seeking to make career transitions I asked friends who they would recommend. A colleague with extensive contacts in the Bay Area quickly recommended Diana as someone who would be a great fit. From the first conversation I could see that Diana approaches this work with a focus on ensuring that those she serves realize their goals and do so in a way that will allow them to be much more sustainable in the future. This is part of her larger world view of developing people and organizations that can do good work in a way that prioritizes self-care. She consistently impresses me with her thoughtful approaches to organization challenges and dedication to ensuring that each person in her charge is better off for her guidance and support.”

December 2012

Yvette Barr, Georgia
Colleague and Client: Wellness Coaching and Leadership Development

“Ms. Lee has always sought out new and holistic approaches to living a mentally, and physically healthy life. I know this from first-hand experience as Ms. Lee has helped me to improve my mental spiritual health through meditation and prayer. She has always been a positive role model for myself and others that she has encountered. One thing that I can say that sets Ms. Lee a part from anyone else I know is that I have never heard her say anything negative. It bothered me so that I finally asked her about it, because although I desired to live like that I found myself always fussing or complaining. Ms., Lee shared with me the process that she underwent to reach this point in life and after practicing many of the same principles I can proudly say that I to can see only the good and I love it!”

April 2012

Margi Clarke
Organizational Consultant

Client: Health and Wellness Workshops

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
“Diana Marie is a creative, warm and effective facilitator and guide. She did a great workshop for our group incorporating personal wellness, getting-to-know-you activities, music and creativity in a short and powerful format that helped people make connections and make commitments to make positive changes in our lives. Plus, she is always generous with her time and ideas. I really appreciate her ethic and her commitment to excellence.”

January 2013

Melissa Johnson
Senior Director, Foundation Relations, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Colleague and Group Coaching Client: Standing in our Power Network

“I have known Diana for over 5 years and admired her work from several capacities. I admired her much needed work at NCDI, learned from her involvement with a national nonprofit group, and have recently been fortunate to have her as my personal/professional coach through a women of color leadership network. Diana has always been a kind, gentle heart with deep intuition, compassion, and knowing. She is currently my coach in a circle of 5 other women and I appreciate and thank her for the expertise, delicate leadership, and clear foresight she has in how she works with me and the group to ask the right question, play the right song, or touch us in just the right way. My year is already looking brighter because of having Diana in my life. She is a phenomenal woman!”

January 2013

Taij Kumarie Moteelall
Program Co-Director, Spirit in Action

Colleague and Group Coaching Client

“Diana Marie Lee bring years of expertise in organizational development and personal transformation work to everything she does. She is a skilled facilitator and coach who is able to move a people through a deep process of change. She has been an incredible asset to the Standing in Our Power Network. Few people can truly live the values they espouse and seamlessly integrate them into their work. Diana is one of those rare individuals. I am honored and privileged to work with her and look forward to growing our partnership.”

January 2013

Ajax Greene
Founder/CEO, On Belay Business Advisors Inc.

Consultant to Sweet Livity

“Diana is passionate, smart and skillful in her work and life. She cares very deeply about achieving positive outcomes for her clients. In our time working together, she has done the deep inner work that will allow her vision of what the world can be shine through. Diana is a true leader who can help us thrive through 2012 and beyond.”

January 2012

Work Life & Organizational Wellness Testimonials

Glenda O’Neal
Grant Writing Consultant, Glenda O’Neal LLC (business partner)

Capacity building area: Organizational Development

“I have had the pleasure of working with Diana for many years. We have worked together building the capacity of organizations via grant seeking projects. Diana is a brilliant writer and researcher and is passionate about her work and projects. I highly recommend her services and am confident that built upon her previous endeavors, she will bring much success to Sweet Livity and her clients.”

January 2012

Aleece Kelly
Senior Program Office, First 5 LA

Capacity building area: Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Whole Systems Coaching, Resource Referrals

“Diana Marie developed a community capacity building plan for our organization. The plan was in depth and contextualized to meet the needs of our communities as well as our organizational culture. Diana Marie is extremely skilled in facilitation and in communicating complicated concepts. She turned non-believers in our organization to champions.”

January 2012

Nicole Notario-Risk
Nonprofit/Foundation Consultant, Owner of Dress My Rescue

Capacity building area: Leadership Development, Strategic Planning

“I have worked with Diana Marie on two occasions. First, as a participant in a cultural competency workshop and second as a fellow team member of a community change initiative. Diana Marie brings an authenticity and passion to her work that allows you to connect with her instantly. She is a skilled facilitator, bringing warmth and professionalism to all of her projects. A joy to work with!”

January 2012

Robert W. Surber
Owner, Robert W. Surber Consultation in Behavioral Health (colleague)
Robert Surber & Associates Kea’au Hawaii”

Capacity building area: Organizational Development, Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving

“I had the opportunity to partner with Diane Marie in a consulting project in San Francisco with a health related agency that was fraught with interpersonal struggles among staff and leadership. Diane Marie’s clear thinking, consistent compassion, and steady hand helped the consultant team devise and implement a process that helped heal an organization so that it could better achieve its mission of healing others.

January 2012

Miho Kim
Executive Director, The Data Center

Capacity building area: Leadership Development

“Diana Marie was the central person behind a community consultant training institute that i enrolled in. the program was highly regarded nationally and i could easily see why. Diana Marie’s professional integrity, deep commitment to social justice, peace and well-being, and versatile skillsets consolidated the training institute into a powerhouse of dynamic, engaged learning that really delivered as well as cultivated & deepened relationships and community of practitioners. She set the tone for the institute as a truly respectful, fun, and safe learning space for all participants and unlocked the power and brilliance of all the wisdom various trainers had to offer in a seamless way. Having seen her gifts in action and having benefited from it directly, I feel very fortunate and now that I am in a leadership position for my own agency, I would love the opportunity to partner with someone like her so our program can thrive and develop the kind of reputation that that institute did.”

January 2012

Charles R. Price, PhD
Professor of Anthropology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Capacity Building Area: Organizational Development, Participatory Community Engagement

I have worked with Diana Marie Lee as colleague and client while Diana was an employee of the National Community Development Institute and later as a board member of the Highlander Research & Education Center. Diana is a brilliant community consultant who has the experience to grasp the nuances and complexities of diverse communities of color and offer valuable recommendations for action based in co-design between consultant and community. Diana is one of the most gifted community-based workers I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from. Diana Lee is truly a precious gem and resource.”

February 2012

Monika Moss
Founder & President, MKM Management Consulting

Capacity building area: Organizational Development

“Diana Marie is an outstanding facilitator, coach and person. Her integrity is beyond reproach and the way she honors those around her both clients and colleagues is a great example for us all. Her commitment is without questions. I would hire her to support me and/or my clients in a heartbeat. We have worked together on several projects through our membership in the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.”

January 2012

Louise Dunlap
Adjunct, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University

Capacity building area: Leadership Development

“It’s a delight to work with Diana Lee. To each challenge she brings ideas and experience plus a positive energy rooted in a realistic take on the situation. I’ve organized one workshop with her and am planning another. It’s wonderful to be able to share this work with someone whose ideas go way beyond “the box” and who I know will follow through. I also appreciate Diana’s “reach”—her many personal and professional connections in the worlds of community development and healing—and her courage in taking on the work she does in the world.”

January 2012

Millie Buchanan
Program Officer, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Capacity building area: Organizational and Leadership Development; Conflict Resolution and Problem-solving

“Diana and I have served together for several years on the board of the Highlander Research and Education Center in Eastern Tennessee. Diana’s leadership and participation have been crucial to helping us envision a way forward to a promising future. In addition to normal board duties, she has donated her professional skills as we think about our work in a changing world. She brings a commitment to doing her share and more; grace in working across ethnic, economic and power divides; perseverance in pursuing difficult subjects in ways that allow and promote healing; and flashes of humor and a sense of fun and celebration at just the times they are most valuable.”

January 2012

Kara Keeling
Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Capacity building area: Organizational and Leadership Development

“I have worked with Diana Marie Lee for the past three years on the Board of Directors of the Highlander Center in New Market, TN. During that time, I have come to know Diana as a thoughtful and brave leader, an imaginative problem-solver, and a passionate advocate for sustainable models of social justice organizing. I believe that her ideas are visionary responses to the challenges of today and make necessary contributions to widespread, ongoing efforts to bring into being the egalitarian world for which we yearn and that we know is possible. I recommend her highly.”

April 2012

Bill Say
Director, Deep Democracy Institute, San Francisco

Capacity building area: Team and Community Building, Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving

“In one complex meeting, she brought together diverse members and perspectives in a graceful, creative, and highly effective way. At one moment, after the organization’s various staff and board members had in deep discussion for several hours but had reached an impasse, Diana’s measured communication, balanced perspective, and eldership brought the group through to a new level of dialogue and self-reflection. The success of that day’s meeting was largely due to her leadership in that critical moment.”

February 2012

Stewart Hyland
Community Leader, East Palo Alto

Capacity building area: leadership Development, Team and Community Building

“In my tenure as SAFE Program Director of One East Palo Alto, a Hewlett Foundation Neighborhood Improvement Initiative, I had the good luck to hire Diane to facilitate several neighbor trainings that built the very successful Building Block Club program which brought together African American, Latino and Pacific Islander residents to join together with each other and the East Palo Alto Police department. Diane’s facilitation encouraged the resident’s natural voice and helped me as a program director to hear their concerns and problem solving ideas. Sometimes the world is small in good ways that brings friends together. Small world brought Diane into my niece’s life when her special needs daughter needed an advocate to help her find the right school. Diane worked with the Oakland Public School district and brought my niece to a wonderfully supportive school in the Oakland Dimond district. My niece’s mother had planned to introduce us at a school function that I attended for her daughter. Diane and I had a good laugh and hug to find that once again we were making a positive difference together in our human family. That’s my testimony; I hope that you too have a small world that brings you to know Diane Lee too.

February 2012

Susan Sachs
President and Principal, Starfire Consulting, Inc., North Carolina

Capacity building area: Organizational and Leadership Development

“Diana Marie Lee is an extraordinary facilitator of healing, holistic group and individual processes. During my work with her in North Carolina in 2005-07 as a co-facilitator, she exhibited a calm, grounded, healing presence in her work with nonprofit leaders from across the state and her peers. Diana Marie is an intuitive and gifted teacher, healer and facilitator. It has been my honor and blessing to work with and learn from her.

February 2012

Patricia St. Onge
Partner, Seven Generations Consulting

Capacity building area: Organizational and Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Team and Community Building

“Diana is a powerful healer and consultant. I enthusiastically recommend her. I’ve worked with her on several projects, with nonprofits, public agencies and community groups. In every situation, she has a profound impact on both the groups and individuals within the groups. She creates transformative change processes that encourage people to bring their full selves to the work and invites them to grapple with the hard questions, both in their personal work styles and in the systems in which they are engaged. She brings a healing approach, marked by her warmth and generosity of spirit. She reminds people and groups of their best selves and encourages them to embody it. She actively engages people in articulating what makes them come alive. They and their organizations are better for it. She is a smart, caring and heart-filled facilitator, coach and guide through change processes. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate her and her work. She is building Sweet Livity with integrity, thoughtfulness, heart-fulness and fun!”

September 2012

Gino Pastori-Ng and aManda Greene
Principals and Co-Founders, Youth Seed

Capacity building area: Strategic Planning

“Diana is incredibly knowledgeable and has an abundance of gratitude and optimism. Her work is grounded in passion and her guidance was critical to the development of our organization’s long term vision. She is highly skilled at communicating complex ideas in a comprehensible way that leads to direct action. I would highly recommend working with Diana if you have the opportunity.” (Gino Pastori-Ng)

January 2013

“I had the great pleasure of working with Diana this year. She facilitated a day-long retreat for us at Youth SEED, a youth leadership organization based in Oakland, Ca. Her warmth and presence are only matched to her professionalism and dedication. She worked with us to co-develop an agenda that would best serve our need while demonstrating vast experience and knowledge. She is a true inspiration to work with, and added great value to our organization. I can, in good faith, highly recommend her to whatever project or endeavor one might be engaged in. She is a true asset.” (aManda Greene)

December 2012

Lee Werbel
Senior Program Officer, First 5 LA

Capacity building area: Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Resource Referrals, Team and Community Building

“We are honored to provide a recommendation for Diana Marie Lee, Sweet Livity. From November 2009 through March 2011, Diana Marie Lee led a co-design process to develop a comprehensive Community Capacity Building framework as a key component of Best Start, First 5 LA’s place-based funding approach in 14 Los Angeles County communities. With her guidance and leadership, the inter-departmental team of 15 of program officers, managers and directors designed the framework including our values and principles in implementing capacity building in partnership with the communities, along with four core capacities (engagement, leadership, infrastructure and investment) that are shaping the work as we move forward. In developing the framework, Ms. Lee led us through a process of internally modeling the processes we would ultimately implement in the 14 communities. Diana Marie Lee’s passion for community-based development, along with her vast on-the-ground experience, was not only inspiring, but provided a necessary, solid foundation for our place-based work. The team, agency and Commission couldn’t get enough of Diana Marie Lee. Her description of the work that we were embarking on helped the organization to affirm its move forward with the place-based approach.”

February 2012